Sublunary Sublime wanted to take a moment to commemorate the life of the Anglican theologian, Rev Dr. John Hughes, who recently passed into the greater life of God.

Hughes’s work had an immense impact on the author of this blog, especially The End of Work: Theological Critiques of Capitalism and his essay in Adrian’s Pabst’s The Crisis of Global Capitalism.

From The Theology of Work:

For the life of faith, lived liturgically, everything is superfluity, grace, and yet, when we have done everything, offered all our work, we must still say, ‘we are unprofitable servants’, precisely because all true work, inasmuch as it participates in God’s work, is not ours but is given to us. Likewise, while we can have no control over the issue of labour in this life, cannot secure it against being thwarted; nevertheless, we trust, in the hope of the Resurrection, that no good work will ultimately be lost (228). 

In paradisum deducant angeli.