In The Good Life, Mcabe states:

the historical life of Jesus is nothing but the Trinitarian life of God played out as history or projected onto our world. There can be no life-story of the eternal God as such – to say ‘eternal life’ is to say non-narrative life, an incomprehensible concept – that is why no one has ever seen God, but the Son is his story. The point I leave you with now is that just as our human life consists in enacted narrative so our divine life is just our participation in the enacted narrative of God. The revelation of God to us is nothing except our being taken up into that narrative, the human story that is the sacrament or the image of the unseen and unseeable, incomprehensible God (77-78).

Although I’m not entirely sure of what to make of McCabe’s metaphysics here, I do like the idea that the revelation of the Son is “nothing except our being taken up” into the incomprehensible God.