Provocative bit by von Balthasar:

The revelation of the triune God in Christ is not simply, to be sure, the prolongation or the intensification of the revelation in the creation; but, in their essence, they are so far from contradicting one another that, considered from the standpoint of God’s ultimate plan, the revelation in the creation is seen to have occurred for the sake of the revelation in Christ, serving as the preparation that made it possible. Beyond all creaturely hopes and expectations, moreover, the revelation in Christ was to bring together in one divine and human Head everything heavenly and earthly, which is thus endowed by grace with a crown the radiance of whose glory, belonging to the Kyrios of the world, was to shed its rays over the whole of creation. In this way the form of the world itself, which as such already was the revelation of the divine δόξα, in Christ and in the Holy Spirit poured out through him becomes a temple which, like the tabernacle and Solomon’s office, harbours within and above itself the kabod of God (431-2).

~ The Glory of the Lord, Vol 1: Seeing the Form