Paul M. Collins’s, Partaking in Divine Nature: Deification and Communion, notes the English Reformers explicit adherence to the doctrine of theosis. According to Collins, the English Reformers were concerned to stress the common patristic corpus of the ecclesia anglicana in order to stymie the tide of an ever-creeping “Protestant” reductionism of the church.

This bit from Whichcote’s famous sermon is particularly telling, as quoted by Collins:

The Gospel is nothing else, but God descending into the World in Our Form, and conversing with us in our likenesse; that he might allure, and draw us up to God, and make us partakers of his Divine Form…God was therefore incarnated and made man, that he might Deifie us, that is, (as S. Peter expresseth it) make us partakers of the Divine nature (155-6).