De Lubac on extrinsicism:

“It was henceforward only with great difficulty that one could see why the supernatural gift was the ‘Good News’ par excellence. From this point on, this gift presented itself as something superimposed, as an artificial superstructure, indeed as an arbitrary imposition, and the nonbeliever had an easy time entrenching himself in his indifference precisely on the basis of what theology told him. If the human nature that belongs to me has its end in itself by nature, what would compel me or even simply to provoke me to investigate history in order to see whether another call happened to make itself heard? Why should I lend my ears to this Church, which bears a message that has nothing at all to do with the aspirations of my being? Indeed, shouldn’t the intrusion of a foregin ‘supernatural’ be rebuffed as a kind of violation?”

“The Total Meaning of Man and the World,” Communio 35 (2008), 619.