Contrary to Maurice Wiles’s opinion that Anglicanism has no identifiable content, Philip Turners states that, “the doctrinal content Anglicans share is imbedded primarily in liturgical practices the purpose of which is to form the character of a communion of believers. Its liturgical and formational setting means that the doctrinal content of Anglicanism is, as it were, scattered through a complex of practices rather than focused in a specifically theological document.”

Turner is careful here, noting that if one says that the primary focus of Anglicanism is “liturgical practices,” then one is also saying in the same breathe that the heart of Anglican theology is the doctrine of the Holy Trinity. For at the center of the Book of Common Prayer is the “prayer to the Father, through the Son, in the Spirit.”

~ Philip Turner, “Diversity and Integrity: The Challenges of Life Together,” in The Fate of the Communion, 124-5.