A few thoughts I’ll ponder today as we pray the Prayers of the People:

“‘Ye shall pray,’ began the Bidding Prayer sent out with Elizabeth’s Injunctions in 1559, ‘for Christ’s Holy Catholic Church, that is for the whole congregation of Christian people dispersed throughout the whole world, and especially for the Church of England and Ireland.’ In the eyes of those who were shaping the destiny of the Church in England there was no sense of separation from the rest of the catholic church. The Church in England was, as the title-page to the first Prayer Book had implied, a part of the catholic church, even though it had repudiated papal jurisdiction. It was catholic, but it was also reformed. Its roots ran back to the primitive church, but certain customs and ideas which had clung to it during the Middle Ages had now been cut away. The fundamental doctrines and constitution of the Church remained the same, but a number of genuine reforms had been carried out, such as the vernacular liturgy, the administration of the Sacrament in both kinds and permission for clergy to marry.”

~ John R.H. Moorman’s, A History of the Church in England, 212.