“The Church is the only cooperative society in the world that exists for the benefit of those who are not its members.”

~ William Temple

“My view is that the Kingdom must stand in judgment over all social orders, though clearly some are closer to it than others.”

~ Kenneth Leech

“Religion will not go away; it will not be repressed; it will not succumb to instrumental reasoning. There will be no new Enlightenment. So let us herald the next stage: the advent of the postsecular state.”

~ Graham Ward

“One of the most ill-diagnosed features of the present capitalist society (fast being exported to aspiring capitalist societies elsewhere) is the decline of trust. Privation today brings cynicism in its wake: there is little reason for anyone to believe that others are dependable, that resources work for the common good. If this is a fundamental perception or experience of the social order, it becomes practically impossible to ‘socialize’ people who see their world like this – the young or old, marginal or suspect communities of any kind, those in prison, the disabled. This invites an adversarial relation to those institutions felt to have betrayed the disadvantaged, directly or indirectly (why are schools in impoverished areas regular targets for arson?). We can easily misunderstand the much-discussed problem of a so-called ‘culture of dependency’ among the disadvantaged. It is not, surely, that the ideal of collective welfare as such is disabling: welfarism becomes disabling when society is such that recipients or clients of social and health services are frozen in the attitude of suppliants, never becoming fellow-agents with those administering aid.”

~Rowan Williams

“The church has been too long the Church Quiescent here on earth, content to serve as the scavenger of the capitalist system. If it refuses the challenge it may survive as a pietistic sect providing devotional opportunities for a small and dwindling section of the community, a residuary solace for the world’s defeated, administering religion as an anesthetic to help men to endure the hateful operation of life, an ambulance picking up the wounded, entered on the Charities Register – an institution among institutions. But it will cease to be the organ of the Kingdom, building up the world out of itself: it will have abandoned its mission and become apostate.”

~Percy Widdrington.