“For if there is to be a Catholic revival in the Church of England, it will centre upon the recovery of authentic social prophecy and of authentic Catholic spirituality. The prophetic voice and the spirit of inner prayer are not two alternative ways of Christian witness: they are inseparable in a healthy Christian life, and history shows that where they are not held together, both decay. First, we need to rediscover the vision of the Kingdom of God and of the hope of the transformation of the earth. The real division among Christians of the future is going to be about this vision: it will be the division between those who believe the gospel has a hope for this world and for human society, and those who do not. Many who call themselves Catholic in this respect are only Catholics in externals: at heart, in their assumptions and their thought, they are protestant individualists. They have accepted the basic heresy that Christianity is only concerned with saving individual souls, an they have accepted the doctrine of the two kingdoms which are quite separate. This is not Catholicism. Catholicism is concerned with the redemption of the whole world, and it is the total vision which we need to recover. The early Catholic rebels realized that the clash between God and Mammon followed inevitably from their theology; that if they took seriously the doctrines of the incarnation, of the Kingdom, and of the Mass, this had revolutionary social and political consequences” (119).

~ Kenneth Leech, “The Catholic Movement”