“Even from the point of view of sociological analysis, the Marxist theory of religion is hardly exact – or at least it is incomplete.  Religion, let us admit for argument’s sake, might really be the opium of the people if the people had that particular craving.  In certain favored circumstances, perhaps, they have.  But observation suggests that as a people becomes a proletariat, it loses that taste.  Far from stimulating the religious impulse by a sort of mystical compensation, the increasing ‘alienation’ and isolation which goes with the proletarian condition tends, on the contrary, to smother any interest in religion.  It turns those whom it dehumanizes away from God.

For in fact a certain degree of social ‘alienation’ very often involves the alienation of the consciousness.  And the alienated consciousness is the exact opposite of religious consciousness.”

~ Henri de Lubac, The Discovery of God