“That all things tend to become like God.” St. Thomas Aquinas

“For Blondel, our thought depends entirely upon contingent, theoretically unjustifiable assumptions, and on equally unjustifiable additions to the received tradition, and yet it is precisely this historicist confinement of our thought which renders it irreducible to any immanent process, and always dependent upon its participation in a transcendent plenitude of realized action, of thought as word and deed.

As mere thinkers, aiming to sum things up once-and-for-all, we are inclined to project God as ourselves, to make him in our own image.  Yet as doers and makers, we really do invent a God we cannot control, so that we are all, as Blondel says, theotokoi, giving birth to the divine image in our conjecturing practice.  (Participation in the eternal generation of the logos is, for Blondel, that to which omnia intendunt assimilari Deo properly applies).”

~ John Milbank, Theology and Social Theory, 218.