“For inequality is troubling less because of the disparity itself than because the lives of those at the bottom increasingly resemble those of a lower and abandoned caste.  Indeed what we have produced over the last thirty years is capitalism for the privileged few, and indebted servitude for the many.

The orginal visionaries of the right wanted a society, an economy and a culture of widely distributed property, innovation and distinction.  For them, the totalitarian logic of the statist left could be resisted by an enfranchised and liberated citizenry that could extend its independence and foster a truly free society because it participated in a vital economy.

Instead the last thirty years, under the aegis of both right and left, have introduced a new economic form via debt and low wages: serfdom.  The radical politics of the future must address the needs of the new serfs.”

~ From Phillip Blond’s, Red Tory.