Sometimes, it’s just scary to be in the first place. From Herbert McCabe:

“For this reason we are afraid and we settle for being less than human. We recognize that our very nature calls us to something new and frightening; it calls us to communication, which means self-giving, self-abandonment, being at the disposal of others. We recognize, however dimly, that we are the kind of being that finds its fulfilment, its happiness and flourishing only in giving itself up, in getting beyond itself. We need to lose our selves in love; this is what we fear. We are summoned, simply from within ourselves, to venture into what is unknown, to abandon what is familiar and safe, and set out on a journey or quest. This is going to mean loss of the personality we think is all complete, it means being reshaped in ways we could not predict beforehand; all in obedience to a summons we do not understand and cannot control.

Of course, there is delight and wonder in this, as the world becomes fresh and astonishing and all sorts of unexpected possibilities appear in ourselves; but there is always this background of risk, and we do not like to take this risk. Mostly we settle for what we are, what we have made of ourselves. We settle for the person that we have achieved or ourselves. We settle for the person that we have achieved or constructed; we settle for our own self-image because we are afraid of being made in the image of God. This failure to respond to the summons into life, this failure of faith, is called sin” (God Matters).