One day, I will write a paper highlighting the connection between Predator (1987) and Liberation Theology.  The connections are abundant, if only one has eyes to see.  An elite special forces team backed by CIA intelligence heads to Latin America as a search & rescue party.  Soon they find that they’ve been set up by their own government for a dirty job.  They also find something else; some otherworldly force hunting them, which exposes this special forces team as another “expendable” commodity within the capitalist machine they though they were protecting.   Consider:

Dillon: we’re all expendable assets, can’t you see that?

Arnold: That’s your problem, Dillon.  You always did put ambition before the lives of your men…My men are not expendable.  I don’t do this kind of work.

I’m still trying to spell out the Liberation Theology point…probably something to do with the Predator himself and his mode of invisibility.

Needless to say, I’m very excited for Robert Rodriquez’s Predators, along with all the new unwarranted conclusions to draw.