Arthur Penty hits the nail on the head, highlighting our main social-political problem even today:

“The man today has no idea how to stop the rot that threatens civilization; and he has no idea how to stop it because there is no longer in existence a common mind; and because the common mind no longer exists it is impossible to secure any widespread agreement as to what requires to be done. For so long have men enjoyed freedom of thought and speech, for so long has such freedom been exalted as an end in itself, for so long has every false prophet who attacked the very foundations of right thinking and feeling enjoyed immunity, that the average mind today is in such a hopeless state of confusion about everything that it is impossible to get agreement about anything that really matters. And so it comes about that in the absence of any positive idea on which to unite, men today associate for negative purposes—not to promote what is right, but to denounce what is wrong” (The Gauntlet).*

*Thank you, Christian, for sharing this quote.