Unhygienically speaking, the comedian-cum-actor, David Cross, is a dirty, dirty man. But high-larious.  For some reason I still find it refreshing and entertaining to listen to secular-liberal-humanist comedians (read: Bill Hicks), despite the fact that their cant is more than outdated and politically impotent.  I suppose it’s nice to know that somewhere out there they still have the ability to cause offense at some redneck; the very type that carries as little political sway as a Eugene hippie. 

 In Cross’ book, I Drink For A Reason, he has a chapter on “The Five People You Meet in Limbo,” which was spurned by his reading of the The Five People You Meet in Heaven, which he said he finished in twenty minutes. Instead of asking about meeting people in Heaven, he ponders on whom one might come across in Limbo:

 Rubeun Vandalhavenn, a Dutch architect who died in 1838 of lumbago.  He is a bit of a dick.

 Afshar Muhammed Timor from Kandahar.  A tribal sheep herder from last week.

 Jeannette Dunwoody, a housewife and mother of three from Cobb County, GA.  She died in 1981 from complications arising from a medical procedure to remove her eye fat.

 Billy Preston.  Yeah, that Billy Preston.

Grrk, a nomadic hunter and gatherer from 19,939 BC.  Died of old age at 22 years.  He is virtually useless but provides comic relief while you wait to get to Heaven.