“I think the most important thing that we should be looking at is the relationship between the ways in which modern societies right across the world are emphasizing individualism but, structurally, are becoming more authoritarian.  It’s the mix of the individualism of the soul and the authoritarianism of the structures that we need to get a perspective on.  I think no modern philosophy is doing that.  The debate between communitarians and liberals or libertarians overlooks that whole structure of authority, domination, and power, and that’s what we really must keep our eyes.”

Rose continues, “I think that, in the wake of the perceived demise of Marxism and of Heidegger’s Nazism, everybody’s looking for an ethics.  But in fact they should be looking for a political theology.  We need to think about God and the polis and not about this anodyne ‘love ethic.’” 

From Vincet Lloyd’s webpage, “Interview with Gillian Rose.”